What Is Midwifery Week?
Midwifery Week celebrates midwives and midwife-led care and raises awareness about the important roles midwives play for women and families. Maternal and infant health in the United States is in a state if crisis, with morbidity and mortality rates worse than other developed nations. Midwifery care has greatly reduced maternal and infant morbidity and mortality rates in the United States by helping to reduce unnecessary interventions, and eliminating racial disparities in birth outcomes. 

Midwifery Week gives us a chance to commend the services provided by midwives around the world by letting them know that "Midwives make a Difference"! National Midwifery Week was created by the American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM). ACNM is the official organization for nearly 12,000 certified midwives throughout the United States and is the official sponsor of National Midwifery Week.

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